The Expert Community INC & Neonex Technology officially enters into an alliance


Chandigarh, India

After working closely for more than a year, The Expert Community INC (TEC) and Neonex Technology is officially entering into an alliance from the next financial year i.e. from 1st April 2019. Both the firms have been established since 4+ years now and have been working closely with the society for making and delivering innovative products and services that have demand in the market. They have also released few research papers and books together, and will be doing so on in future too.

“We always work closely with organizations and get deep insights about their vision, mission and values before making a consolidated acquisition and merger” said Mr. Vinit Bhamare, founder of The Expert Community INC. In his note he praises Mr. Karamvir Singh Rajpal (Founder Of Neonex Technology)for being a man of values and words with deep knowledge on scientific paradigms. Both of them are first generation entrepreneurs having multiple startups and believe in bringing change in the society with the help of technology. Both of the firms would be setting up incubators and accelerators throughout the country for entrepreneurship development.
They will be clubbing together to deliver webinars, workshops, etc. in both online and offline modes.

These companies was first associated for development of an IoT product called as PLX which is a Next-Gen Computing innovation which is going to be soon in the markets. TEC would acquire some percentage of rights in Neonex Technology and it’s products starting from PLX itself.
Karamvir Singh Rajpal from Neonex Technology have already authored and co-authored certain books would now be having TEC on board for both technical inputs cum literature and would be promoted to the next level. These books are already part of edutech brands SCODEL and T2OC would now be delivered via LMS model.
There are other products like JauntBee, MRAW, etc. which too will have TEC on board for the joint alliance to outreach to the next level.
Their upcoming products in development, copyrighted currently some of them being in alpha stage, pre-beta stage like Peopling, PortoCafe other range of products would also be technically boosted to collaborative workflow alliance.


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